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Pondering and Writing

The first of the year has come and gone. With it, changes have begun. I’ve been working hard on my novel and am planning for it to be finished at the end of the month. Then the fun will begin with editing. I know that there will be areas that will need to be expanded and setting will need to be described. Some things will need to become more active and less passive. Scenes might even end up being cut and pasted elsewhere or cut all together. I will need to delve deeper into character actions to explain what is happening. A lot of work so I’m uncertain of when the book will be published.

Once I’m done with this project, I still have a couple of others that will need to be finished and I have a Secret Project that is stewing in my mind and is refusing to be ignored. I have the basic idea and will begin working on an outline. But with this project i have to delve into research since I only know the basics of what I want to do. I have to keep a pen a pad with me because at random moments, I get inspired with a sentence. Defiantly a strong lead that is awakening and demanding to be heard.

It’s funny that I say I have voices in my head and they talk to me. But I’m a writer and I think it’s perfectly normal. People usually nod and smile. But when I say that a character is yelling at me because I wrote a scene wrong, then I get funny looks that suggest I’m slightly mental. I think to be able to write a character, especially if it’s the lead, you have to become that character at least for a bit. You have to know everything about them. It’s an ice burg. You see 100% of it, but you only show the world 10%. It’s fun, but it can be confusing. I love making notes and doing complete character sketches.

I better get back to writing so that I can meet the deadline I gave myself. Everyone have a great day. 😀



Ringing in the New Year with style

For the new year, I put “Encountering the Mind” on sale for free today and tomorrow. After this round it will be at the .99 cent price. I’m trying to get people to try my work out. It might not be the normal fare of novella or novel, but this book has plenty to offer. The poetry is mainly free form and has a lot of images. It asks the reader to enter onto a journey. They are short and simple. A lot of things in a short amount of time and space occur. The shorty stories deal with different themes and ideas.

My work has an element of death intertwined. It’s a theme that I have worked with for a very a long time. But death isn’t just about the loss of life. So many things can die: life, dreams, relationships, friendships, ideals. There are many more, but these few are in everyone’s life. But like the mythical Phoenix, life can spring from death. New dreams and ideals can be formed. New relationships and friendships can be forged. Even a new life can be formed if a spiritual death has taken place.

Please take a journey into this maze, this mind.

What the New Year may bring…

I know that there are still a few days left in this year, but I’m looking into the new year already. There is something that I was meaning to do for so long, but just didn’t want to do it. I needed to move my desk. But not only did I have to move the desk, I had to move another piece of furniture and lots of paperbacks. I used to love working at the desk, but I was staring at a blank wall. Sure I could have put up a pretty picture but I have a window with a beautiful view of some trees. Now granted I am also looking out and over at the neighboring apartment building; however, I can open the window and feel the nice air waft through. Yes I know that it is December, but this is Florida and it’s nice weather in the afternoons.

So I did it. I packed up the books into boxes to be placed on bookshelves later (keeping out the books that I refuse to put away) and moved the furniture around. I now have that window open, a bit of music, and a nice breeze to write by.

This year is bringing changes. I need to embrace those changes and make the best of them. These last couple of months have already started the ball rolling and it will continue to keep going. Let’s hope that this year turns out better than the last. Not that this last year has been bad, but there has been stress. I moved in with my now husband, graduated with my BA, lost my grandmother, got married, published my collection of short stories and poetry, and have gone on my honeymoon. I think it’s time I sat down and took a deep breath.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Encountering the Mind is Free! (for 3 days)

For Christmas this year, I’m giving away “Encountering the Mind.” With it being a holiday, I thought it would be the best time to see about people getting to know my work. This work is really a showcase of my poetry because let’s face it, poetry is the hardest written work to sell. I added the short stories to give the work some extra length. The short stories have a dual purpose as well. My voice and style are intertwined with the words. These stories are a small sampling of what my novels will be.

Here’s the link:

A quick update on my novels. I’m only about 30K from finishing my rewrite or my assassin novel. This was going to be a series when I first started writing it in 2007 and as I write it, I can still see it being one, but at this time I have several other projects that I want to finish and publish. At that point, I can go back and continue with that story world. I love writing in a lot of different genres but there is usually a romantic element throughout.

With tomorrow being Christmas, I have a lot to accomplish. I worked at my part time job this past week and have so much to do and that includes a word count.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Merry/ Happy everything else!!!!!!

Best wishes for the new year.


This past week I have been on my honeymoon. We decided that we would go to Vegas and stay on the Strip where everything is within reach or a quick bus ride away. What we didn’t know was that the Rodeo was in town and the big fight between Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez was happening at the MGM. That was in addition to the normal things that happen in Vegas.


It was also the perfect time to people watch. That single activity is perfect to do when you are a writer. Mannerisms along with the way people dress can be used subtly in your work. I noticed shoes a lot on this trip. Maybe it was because of the Rodeo, but I was on the lookout for cowboy boots. In my mind, it was a tell that would tell me the reason why they were in the city. In the process, I saw some of the cutest boots that I would have loved to have in my closet and lots of heels. I wondered how these women could walk up and down the strip in these heels and not have blisters later. One of my favorite pairs of boots that I saw were black and looked like lace. I think I may have to have a character wearing those boots. This is the best match that I could find. I also noticed clothing and with the weather in the 30s and 40s I wondered what people were thinking wearing shorts or dresses that were micro-minis. I was cold and I had on jeans and a jacket at all times. Plus the casinos that we went into hardly ever had the heat on.

Then it was the people watching and man was there plenty to watch. There are so many diverse people walking the Strip or in some cases living homeless on the Strip. The antics of some people are funny, but there were times that they were scary. I can’t wait to add a few of them into my writing. That also includes the way people acted while they watched shows.

We went to several shows, did a zip line down Fremont Street, saw the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, went dune buggy racing, ate lots of food, and generally walked around seeing the sights of the city. It’s a big city and then we had a car. It wasn’t fun driving in that traffic or have to watch out for jay walkers. We also were in a Crown Victoria and man was that a large car to drive. People’s reactions to the car was funny as well as annoying.

It’s time that I worked on my novel to try and get the final draft off to an editor and then the revisions will come into play. Everyone have a wonderful holiday even as we keep the tragedy in our minds.


Publishing can be a scary thing. It has been a scary experience to say the least. I didn’t know what to expect when I hit that button. but it has been good. I’m excited that people get to read work that I have written. Even if what I have put out there isn’t something that everyone enjoys,I have still know that I have accomplished something in this journey.

It’s one thing to say I’m going to write something and then actually do it. This has been a goal of mine for so many years and to have done it has been a life experience that I wouldn’t change. “Encountering the Mind” is a collection of work that I compiled from several years. The short stories went through several edits that only made them better and stronger. The poetry was grouped together in a way that tells a story. But as we all know, the mind doesn’t function in a straight manner.

This was a small project that taught me how Amazon and Kindle works. I learned how to format the text and went through edits. Everything that goes into being an indie author. It’s a process that I will use for my full length works once they have been completed.

I will be more active once I have tried home from my honeymoon. I will have more details that I will be able to use. People watching where I’m at has been interesting to say the least. That means that my characters will also end up with some interesting characteristics.

I should get back to the fun of my honeymoon. If you purchase “Encountering the Mind”and you like it, please leave a review and recommend it to others. If you didn’t like it, please be respectful.

Encountering the Mind Published

Last night I got the final edits back and I hit the publish button. It was a little scary. This is my first published work, but I feel that I needed to share it. Another reason that it was nerve wracking to hit that button is because this contains poetry. Poetry is probably one of the hardest things to write just due to the emotions that drive it. It’s more personal than just a short story or even a novel.

Here’s the link:

I had a lot of fun putting this together. It was a journey for me. I know that this is just a stepping stone and can’t wait until I have a full length novel done and out there.

Have a wonderful holiday season. 🙂Image

Almost There

So I am really close in getting my first piece published for the masses. It is going through a quick edit. I have read over it several times and thought that I had caught everything, but when one writes something, they can’t always see the mistakes. I try to see them and yet because I know what it should be, that’s what I see. I am grateful that it’s getting a new pair of eyes on it. Then I’ll make the recommended changes that should be made for the grammar. Not sure about what suggestions there will be otherwise, but I’ll look at them and make the changes if I think that they are the right ones to make. One never really knows.

I am preparing myself for a wonderful Honeymoon that is going to be a blast. It’s something that we have prepared for and planned. I can’t wait to break my camera in some more. (The wedding started breaking it in.)

Christmas is also right around the corner. I have a tree that has decided to grow a mind and throw itself onto the floor. I have cleaned up broken bulbs twice now. Why tree have you decided  now is the time that you want to throw a tantrum? It has been a wonderful tree up until last night. Still trying to guess as to why it is doing this. Anyway, it’s still a beautiful tree.

I had better get back to writing one of my novels. Maybe I’ll be able to get one completed for editing and then be able to actually publish a full length work. We shall see. I am hopeful in that I will be able to get a lot accomplished even while on the Honeymoon.

Thanksgiving (A few days late) and Other News

So this past week was Thanksgiving. I celebrated it with my husband and family and it was all very simple. You see the week before was our wedding and it might have been small with just family and a few very close friends that are also family, but there were plenty of things that went into making the wedding into a wedding. It was the best day of my life and because of that I slacked off on writing. What can I say? There was a lot of prep work and shopping that needed to be done and as much as my characters yelled about being left alone, I wanted my wedding to be perfect and it was. With the help of my mommy in law and father in law, everything happened like it should have.

So Thanksgiving was simple after following that occasion. And the two things I was grateful for was my new husband and my family.

Then came the night and we wanted to cook steaks that we didn’t have in the freezer. It might have been Thanksgiving but Wal-Mart wasn’t closed and we needed dish soap as well. We climbed into the car and drove over. The parking lot was packed. Black Friday was happening at 8pm and 10pm. Last time I checked that was still considered Thursday. We fought our way to get our dish soap and steaks. (Yes, the cashier gave us funny looks.) Then Target was going to open and they had cast iron skillets. (Not on sale.) Off we went to stand in a rather fast moving line to buy something not on sale. Granted it took like an hour to check out, but we had our tools to make dinner.

Black Friday or what I like to call Really People it’s STILL Thanksgiving and Therefore Thursday was a new experience. We were lucky that we weren’t pushed and shoved but maybe holding a cast iron skillet might have been a warning. LOL.

Then we went and bought our Christmas tree that we had fun decorating.

Needless to say, I have been one busy woman and haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and breath let alone write, but I have gotten some written on one of my many projects. However, this year I have failed to complete NaNoWriMo. There just wasn’t enough time in the month. A funeral, a wedding, Thanksgiving. Each of them taking time and energy. Each of them creating a new memory. But somehow in between all of these things, I was able to build my short story and poetry collection. I looked over it today and added one last poem and I think that it is ready to be submitted to Amazon for the Kindle. I even created my own cover.

The title of my work is called “Encountering the Mind.” It’s perfect because the works don’t follow any particular pattern just like the mind doesn’t follow any one idea. I will post a link when it goes live. I want to do another read through just in case I missed something.

To the next time I write and to the coming Holidays and Christmas (another big holiday where I volunteered to cook).Image


There are events that can change your life. I recently went through one of those. I lost my grandmother that I barely knew. I traveled to the funeral and I did everything that was required. It puts various aspects of your life into perspective. It makes you think about what is important to you and to your life. I know this because I was doing a lot of thinking and reflecting.

I have been slacking in the writing department with so many life things going on and I know that I really want to write. I want to publish. I want people to read my words and have those words invoke emotion. Any kind of emotion will mean that I was able to do a job. Even if it is negative, I will have created that. Mind you all that I want you to love what I write, but I understand if that’s not the case.

Something else that is a major change is that I’m getting married in less than 2 weeks. It’s a bit of a madhouse around here but I’m enjoying every second of it. Once the knot is tied, I’ll really be working on my various projects.

Finally, so that I can return to my novel, there was a picture at my grandmother’s that didn’t have a home. We have no idea who the man is or where he came from, but I brought him home. Now I get to create a life for this man. Name and profession. That sort of thing. Here he is. 

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