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Cover Reveal and Blurb

Cover Reveal and Blurb~




Rowan was born powerless into a family of witches. Only to be thrust into the hands of Asher, President of the Hell’s Rogues and demon. She’s on a mission to save her best friend all while trying to come to terms with an unknown power building inside of her. Chaos is ripping her life apart and she’s falling for the forbidden love of a demon.

Rowan Cover


Something New

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything about projects I’ve been working on. Well, one I have been working on multiple projects as well as having a real job and a life full of, well, life stuff. However, this past November, I needed to get myself back into the process of writing and making something out of nothing.

I happen to love NaNoWriMo. It’s a great way to write 50k words in 30 days. It pushes the limits of the process and I that’s what I needed. I could do this challenge on any given month, but knowing there are thousands of other’s trying at the same time helps. I did it. I’m still in awe that I was able to. I went on a week long vacation where I would get up before the rest of the family, quietly make my coffee, and type away in the kitchen while everything was quiet. It was fantastic. I loved it. Plus coffee.

A few months before I came up with a new idea for a novel and I wrote the prelude out and came up with a few main characters. That was it. I’m not a planner when it comes to writing. I’ve tried it over the years and I’ll be going along with the plan when my characters stop and tell me they will not participate in the plan and I start off roading it. Meaning all the work I did became null in void.

I have since done a read through of this November novel which has been titled, Rowan. I’m still working on the novel with descriptions and grammar. I don’t even have a blurb for it, though I keep making them up in my head. It’s a fantasy novel with a bit of romance and that’s all I’m saying about it for now.

While, this process is taking me a lot longer than it should, I already have a beta reader doing the honors of telling me what she thinks. I’ve gotten various messages from her telling me she loves the novel and when she taken away from reading it she’s mad. I’m happy with those statements because I’m getting reactions. Back to the grind of reading and editing. This used to be the bane of my existence and now I’m enjoying it.

Getting Back To It

I’ve been trying to balance a lot of stuff recently while working and having a life with my husband and consequently “Louts” got put on the back burner.  Now, I’m getting things all lined up like those little duckies and it’s time to start knocking them down one at a time. I can totally do this even if I have no aim.

Edits are coming along and at times I feel like an idiot going what the hell have I written. I know I had to have a good reason, but it escapes me completely when I go back. Hopefully, this time round I eliminate all the craziness that I wrote in and make everything streamlined.

Summer is official in a few days. It already seems like summer in Florida. Hurricane Season has begun. Almost every night there is thunder and lightening with the chance of rain. It’s always interesting to see what is going to come. (Note to self: Buy supplies!)

It’s time to tackle some more edits and polish this novel up since I have many more stories to write and of course edit.

Have a wonderful week.

Memorial Day Rafting


Memorial Day weekend this year is taking place in Tennessee with family. We decided to go white water rafting. This is a picture of the family and our wonderful guide, Brit (Rob) who happened to be from England. This was the upper river where it was a rougher stretch of river. After all of the adventure and fun that this rafting adventure had to offer, we then did the lower river rafting experience on kayaks. It was great until my hubby and myself hit a tree stump and bridge pillar. We tipped and went into the water. I death gripped my ores and then grabbed the inflatable raft as if my life depended upon it. I went underwater a couple of times as my feet and legs hit the rocks of the river. Luckily, we had two  awesome guides, Brit and Dane. Dane pulled us up and out of the water. It felt so good to be back in the kayak with the adrenaline pumping. It was an awesome experience and I’m glad it happened. So I now have some awesome experiences that I can add to my writing. Along with some great descriptions of the smoky mountains with lots of fog and winding roads.

Hope everyone has had a great and safe weekend.


(PS, I’m the one in the middle right of the raft.)

Edits and Life

Life decided to intercede into my edits. Writing for me has never been full time. It isn’t because I don’t love doing it, but because at this time I am unable to actually pay my bills by writing. That’s because I don’t have a lot of work out there. I have a job that I go to and get paid for and for a long time it was only a couple of days a week and now I am there for more days. So I only have a small window in which I can do edits and writing. I haven’t forgotten about ‘Lotus’ and it is always in the back of my mind.

That being said, I am getting to the edits today and they take me time. I know that it is going to take several passes before I have a finished product that I will be willing to put before the masses. As I write more and more, this will speed up, but right now I am catching so many things that make me want to hit my head on the desk muttering the famous phrase, “Why?” I can’t believe some of the small things that I have done and that is taking time to fix. I also have plot line edits to accomplish at the same time, but if there is a grammatical error that is blaring at me as I read out loud to myself, I’m going to fix it.

I haven’t forgotten the other projects that I have on the table either. There are plenty of them that I have and love. But they do take time and that is something that I have to consider. First, I will finish ‘Lotus,’ then I have several mostly done works that I have wanted to share that I may decide to work with, but mostly I have my secret project that has the first chapter written that I want to delve into and finish.

So I have plenty of stuff to accomplish all while working a basically full time job and living what we call life. Thank the gods for the sweet nectar that we call coffee.



So I have some edits back and I had a discussion about them. They are great suggestions and I am glad that they are because I was so worried. However, because I took this novel and did a complete 180 with it in regards to location and even characters, when I rewrote it a lot of the elements that I changed still managed to wiggle their way into the story. Now I need to take my meat cleaver and start hacking at the offending areas. Then I get to take the scalpel after it.

That being said. I have partial edits for my first novel and it didn’t ****. That is the biggest relief to me. I knew that people liked the idea that I had. They said that they wanted to read it and yet I was afraid that after doing all of this work it wouldn’t be as good as I built it up to be. Yes, I have work to do, but my baby is ready to come into the world with a little work. I’m so happy.

I have been taught a lot of different things when it comes to edits. You have to cut and add. You have to change things that you might not want to. I have read this from others. I have been taught this by teachers. When I was a very young student, I was adamant that I would change anything. Now years later, I know that for the story to grow and be better than that first draft, change has to happen. Sometimes someone has to point it out, but once that flaw is brought out into the light, it must be fixed or it can drive one batty.

Back to the editing desk for me.

Have a wonderful Hump Day everyone!



I have been working on my new project and have actually sketched out a basic outline and have begun a more detailed one as well. This is a new thing for me because I have always been a write by the seat of my pants kind of girl. After having rewritten my last novel several times over the years, I’m seeing that even the most basic outlines and a list of goals/ obstacles is very important to see where things are going.

I am also very critical of my own work and while that can be good, I’m seeing just how negative it can be as well. “Lotus” is at the editors and all I can think about is weather it is any good. Did I do everything that I needed to do? I know that I put a lot into it, but is it what I thought it was to begin with? Others must feel the same way about their work as well so I doubt I’m alone in this thinking, but man is it exhausting.

With all of that, I know that I am growing as a writer and as a person. I’m taking the steps that need to be made in creating a world that is believable and one that is fun to be in. I love the worlds that I imagine and bringing others into that world is both scary and fulfilling.

Because my new project involves a level of the supernatural, I have been delving into research. It has been fun and I have been learning some great stuff. But the internet is a vast and scary place. It’s also funny and awe inspiring. I have discovered some new things that I really would like to have. Namely gems and crystals that just look amazing.

As I get further along with this as of yet named novel, I’ll start posting things here and there. I mean paranormal, past lives, mystical lands, gods, and a kick-*** heroineWhat more could a writer want? Oh right, a shady alpha love interest. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Last week, I finished the final rough draft of “Lotus.” This is the novel that I have been writing on since 2007 and now all that is left are edits. When I typed that final word, I felt the ending of something that has been apart of my life for a very long time. It was perfect. It felt like I finally accomplished something. Even though I have ended this novel before. This time it felt right.

This weekend the novel went to the editor. I know there will be plenty of changes and suggestions. I just have to remember what story line I wrote and make sure that I don’t confuse it with previous drafts. Though I loved the original story, I knew that certain things had to change. Novels evolve over time and this one is no exception because people also evolve so “Lotus” changed and grew with me.

Being a writer, one has to understand and accept that not everything you write is wonderful. At the same time, that is why you have dedicated readers that will tell you the truth, question you, and if they have to, make you cry. It’s also the editor’s job to rip everything apart so that only the best shines.

So while “Lotus” is on the editor’s desk, I will be working on a new project. I have several that are in various stages of development. However, this one that I am deeming “Secret Project” until I discover the perfect title, has been yelling at me and pushed out the others. So I will be working on my character profiles, quirks of the story, a rough outline, and the prelude and first chapter. The rest of the novel will follow. I aim to use some kind of outline this time round. There will be definiant points that will need to be included in the novel so I better write them down so I don’t forget and go ‘oh dear.’

Here’s to the ends that only bring about new beginnings.


Today I’m writing among other things. I’m writing Act 3 of my novel and Its going to end in the 60k range. However, that is not what the final word count will be. I know this because when I do edits, I tend to add words. I look at it and realize that I saw everything play out in my head. Sights, sounds, smells. Then I read the page and what I saw isn’t on the page. I get to add that detail. I get to delve deeper into the characters. More action or in some cases actual settings are inserted in. But I am so very close to the ending and should get back to it.

I wanted to check in since it has been a little while. I did finally take my Christmas tree down and haul it off to the dumpster. It shed pine needles all over the place. It was a great tree, but I love having my dining room back. It’s a wonderful feeling. Plus space is an issue when one lives in an apartment.

Well, I had better get to my fight scenes. There is a lot going on and then I get to write the ending. One that I never thought would come after 5 years. Everyone have a wonderful day. And here’s another picture. Enjoy!


Inspiration from Life

Write what you know. It’s good solid advice. Either that or make up everything. I mean no one knows what’s it’s like to live on another planet. But even with all of that, life creeps into that planet. Back in a beginning writing class, I wrote about a car salesman. He played with a yo-yo. As funny and crazy as that sounds, it was true. There are so many people that one meets, but it’s where you are and how you meet them that makes all the difference.

I have worked in a couple of different fields, I have gone to various schools, lived in multiple states, lived a life full of craziness. Every bit of that makes me into the writer that I am. Mind you, I haven’t experienced some of the things I’ve written. I’m not an assassin, but that’s what the imagination is for right? The feelings and traits that a character has, however, (in my case) in influenced by life. Emotion is something that pulls a reader in and having that roller coaster of life keeps them there.

So thank you life. You might be fun at times, but it’s the times that create change and invoke new responses that are what counts. Experiencing that near car accident marks you just like life itself. It’s something that I use and wouldn’t give it up.

Now back to my novel. It’s at the 56.5k mark. It’s the bare bones. I realized that I need to add more setting. It would be helpful to see what is going on in the world around the characters and not just the characters themselves. 

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