Tabitha Edson

Creating New Worlds Through Imagination

Getting Back To It

I’ve been trying to balance a lot of stuff recently while working and having a life with my husband and consequently “Louts” got put on the back burner.  Now, I’m getting things all lined up like those little duckies and it’s time to start knocking them down one at a time. I can totally do this even if I have no aim.

Edits are coming along and at times I feel like an idiot going what the hell have I written. I know I had to have a good reason, but it escapes me completely when I go back. Hopefully, this time round I eliminate all the craziness that I wrote in and make everything streamlined.

Summer is official in a few days. It already seems like summer in Florida. Hurricane Season has begun. Almost every night there is thunder and lightening with the chance of rain. It’s always interesting to see what is going to come. (Note to self: Buy supplies!)

It’s time to tackle some more edits and polish this novel up since I have many more stories to write and of course edit.

Have a wonderful week.


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