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Creating New Worlds Through Imagination

Edits and Life

Life decided to intercede into my edits. Writing for me has never been full time. It isn’t because I don’t love doing it, but because at this time I am unable to actually pay my bills by writing. That’s because I don’t have a lot of work out there. I have a job that I go to and get paid for and for a long time it was only a couple of days a week and now I am there for more days. So I only have a small window in which I can do edits and writing. I haven’t forgotten about ‘Lotus’ and it is always in the back of my mind.

That being said, I am getting to the edits today and they take me time. I know that it is going to take several passes before I have a finished product that I will be willing to put before the masses. As I write more and more, this will speed up, but right now I am catching so many things that make me want to hit my head on the desk muttering the famous phrase, “Why?” I can’t believe some of the small things that I have done and that is taking time to fix. I also have plot line edits to accomplish at the same time, but if there is a grammatical error that is blaring at me as I read out loud to myself, I’m going to fix it.

I haven’t forgotten the other projects that I have on the table either. There are plenty of them that I have and love. But they do take time and that is something that I have to consider. First, I will finish ‘Lotus,’ then I have several mostly done works that I have wanted to share that I may decide to work with, but mostly I have my secret project that has the first chapter written that I want to delve into and finish.

So I have plenty of stuff to accomplish all while working a basically full time job and living what we call life. Thank the gods for the sweet nectar that we call coffee.



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