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So I have some edits back and I had a discussion about them. They are great suggestions and I am glad that they are because I was so worried. However, because I took this novel and did a complete 180 with it in regards to location and even characters, when I rewrote it a lot of the elements that I changed still managed to wiggle their way into the story. Now I need to take my meat cleaver and start hacking at the offending areas. Then I get to take the scalpel after it.

That being said. I have partial edits for my first novel and it didn’t ****. That is the biggest relief to me. I knew that people liked the idea that I had. They said that they wanted to read it and yet I was afraid that after doing all of this work it wouldn’t be as good as I built it up to be. Yes, I have work to do, but my baby is ready to come into the world with a little work. I’m so happy.

I have been taught a lot of different things when it comes to edits. You have to cut and add. You have to change things that you might not want to. I have read this from others. I have been taught this by teachers. When I was a very young student, I was adamant that I would change anything. Now years later, I know that for the story to grow and be better than that first draft, change has to happen. Sometimes someone has to point it out, but once that flaw is brought out into the light, it must be fixed or it can drive one batty.

Back to the editing desk for me.

Have a wonderful Hump Day everyone!



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