Tabitha Edson

Creating New Worlds Through Imagination


I have been working on my new project and have actually sketched out a basic outline and have begun a more detailed one as well. This is a new thing for me because I have always been a write by the seat of my pants kind of girl. After having rewritten my last novel several times over the years, I’m seeing that even the most basic outlines and a list of goals/ obstacles is very important to see where things are going.

I am also very critical of my own work and while that can be good, I’m seeing just how negative it can be as well. “Lotus” is at the editors and all I can think about is weather it is any good. Did I do everything that I needed to do? I know that I put a lot into it, but is it what I thought it was to begin with? Others must feel the same way about their work as well so I doubt I’m alone in this thinking, but man is it exhausting.

With all of that, I know that I am growing as a writer and as a person. I’m taking the steps that need to be made in creating a world that is believable and one that is fun to be in. I love the worlds that I imagine and bringing others into that world is both scary and fulfilling.

Because my new project involves a level of the supernatural, I have been delving into research. It has been fun and I have been learning some great stuff. But the internet is a vast and scary place. It’s also funny and awe inspiring. I have discovered some new things that I really would like to have. Namely gems and crystals that just look amazing.

As I get further along with this as of yet named novel, I’ll start posting things here and there. I mean paranormal, past lives, mystical lands, gods, and a kick-*** heroineWhat more could a writer want? Oh right, a shady alpha love interest. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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