Tabitha Edson

Creating New Worlds Through Imagination

Inspiration from Life

Write what you know. It’s good solid advice. Either that or make up everything. I mean no one knows what’s it’s like to live on another planet. But even with all of that, life creeps into that planet. Back in a beginning writing class, I wrote about a car salesman. He played with a yo-yo. As funny and crazy as that sounds, it was true. There are so many people that one meets, but it’s where you are and how you meet them that makes all the difference.

I have worked in a couple of different fields, I have gone to various schools, lived in multiple states, lived a life full of craziness. Every bit of that makes me into the writer that I am. Mind you, I haven’t experienced some of the things I’ve written. I’m not an assassin, but that’s what the imagination is for right? The feelings and traits that a character has, however, (in my case) in influenced by life. Emotion is something that pulls a reader in and having that roller coaster of life keeps them there.

So thank you life. You might be fun at times, but it’s the times that create change and invoke new responses that are what counts. Experiencing that near car accident marks you just like life itself. It’s something that I use and wouldn’t give it up.

Now back to my novel. It’s at the 56.5k mark. It’s the bare bones. I realized that I need to add more setting. It would be helpful to see what is going on in the world around the characters and not just the characters themselves. 


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