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Today I’m writing among other things. I’m writing Act 3 of my novel and Its going to end in the 60k range. However, that is not what the final word count will be. I know this because when I do edits, I tend to add words. I look at it and realize that I saw everything play out in my head. Sights, sounds, smells. Then I read the page and what I saw isn’t on the page. I get to add that detail. I get to delve deeper into the characters. More action or in some cases actual settings are inserted in. But I am so very close to the ending and should get back to it.

I wanted to check in since it has been a little while. I did finally take my Christmas tree down and haul it off to the dumpster. It shed pine needles all over the place. It was a great tree, but I love having my dining room back. It’s a wonderful feeling. Plus space is an issue when one lives in an apartment.

Well, I had better get to my fight scenes. There is a lot going on and then I get to write the ending. One that I never thought would come after 5 years. Everyone have a wonderful day. And here’s another picture. Enjoy!



Inspiration from Life

Write what you know. It’s good solid advice. Either that or make up everything. I mean no one knows what’s it’s like to live on another planet. But even with all of that, life creeps into that planet. Back in a beginning writing class, I wrote about a car salesman. He played with a yo-yo. As funny and crazy as that sounds, it was true. There are so many people that one meets, but it’s where you are and how you meet them that makes all the difference.

I have worked in a couple of different fields, I have gone to various schools, lived in multiple states, lived a life full of craziness. Every bit of that makes me into the writer that I am. Mind you, I haven’t experienced some of the things I’ve written. I’m not an assassin, but that’s what the imagination is for right? The feelings and traits that a character has, however, (in my case) in influenced by life. Emotion is something that pulls a reader in and having that roller coaster of life keeps them there.

So thank you life. You might be fun at times, but it’s the times that create change and invoke new responses that are what counts. Experiencing that near car accident marks you just like life itself. It’s something that I use and wouldn’t give it up.

Now back to my novel. It’s at the 56.5k mark. It’s the bare bones. I realized that I need to add more setting. It would be helpful to see what is going on in the world around the characters and not just the characters themselves. 

Pondering and Writing

The first of the year has come and gone. With it, changes have begun. I’ve been working hard on my novel and am planning for it to be finished at the end of the month. Then the fun will begin with editing. I know that there will be areas that will need to be expanded and setting will need to be described. Some things will need to become more active and less passive. Scenes might even end up being cut and pasted elsewhere or cut all together. I will need to delve deeper into character actions to explain what is happening. A lot of work so I’m uncertain of when the book will be published.

Once I’m done with this project, I still have a couple of others that will need to be finished and I have a Secret Project that is stewing in my mind and is refusing to be ignored. I have the basic idea and will begin working on an outline. But with this project i have to delve into research since I only know the basics of what I want to do. I have to keep a pen a pad with me because at random moments, I get inspired with a sentence. Defiantly a strong lead that is awakening and demanding to be heard.

It’s funny that I say I have voices in my head and they talk to me. But I’m a writer and I think it’s perfectly normal. People usually nod and smile. But when I say that a character is yelling at me because I wrote a scene wrong, then I get funny looks that suggest I’m slightly mental. I think to be able to write a character, especially if it’s the lead, you have to become that character at least for a bit. You have to know everything about them. It’s an ice burg. You see 100% of it, but you only show the world 10%. It’s fun, but it can be confusing. I love making notes and doing complete character sketches.

I better get back to writing so that I can meet the deadline I gave myself. Everyone have a great day. 😀


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