Tabitha Edson

Creating New Worlds Through Imagination

Ringing in the New Year with style

For the new year, I put “Encountering the Mind” on sale for free today and tomorrow. After this round it will be at the .99 cent price. I’m trying to get people to try my work out. It might not be the normal fare of novella or novel, but this book has plenty to offer. The poetry is mainly free form and has a lot of images. It asks the reader to enter onto a journey. They are short and simple. A lot of things in a short amount of time and space occur. The shorty stories deal with different themes and ideas.

My work has an element of death intertwined. It’s a theme that I have worked with for a very a long time. But death isn’t just about the loss of life. So many things can die: life, dreams, relationships, friendships, ideals. There are many more, but these few are in everyone’s life. But like the mythical Phoenix, life can spring from death. New dreams and ideals can be formed. New relationships and friendships can be forged. Even a new life can be formed if a spiritual death has taken place.

Please take a journey into this maze, this mind.

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