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What the New Year may bring…

I know that there are still a few days left in this year, but I’m looking into the new year already. There is something that I was meaning to do for so long, but just didn’t want to do it. I needed to move my desk. But not only did I have to move the desk, I had to move another piece of furniture and lots of paperbacks. I used to love working at the desk, but I was staring at a blank wall. Sure I could have put up a pretty picture but I have a window with a beautiful view of some trees. Now granted I am also looking out and over at the neighboring apartment building; however, I can open the window and feel the nice air waft through. Yes I know that it is December, but this is Florida and it’s nice weather in the afternoons.

So I did it. I packed up the books into boxes to be placed on bookshelves later (keeping out the books that I refuse to put away) and moved the furniture around. I now have that window open, a bit of music, and a nice breeze to write by.

This year is bringing changes. I need to embrace those changes and make the best of them. These last couple of months have already started the ball rolling and it will continue to keep going. Let’s hope that this year turns out better than the last. Not that this last year has been bad, but there has been stress. I moved in with my now husband, graduated with my BA, lost my grandmother, got married, published my collection of short stories and poetry, and have gone on my honeymoon. I think it’s time I sat down and took a deep breath.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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