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This past week I have been on my honeymoon. We decided that we would go to Vegas and stay on the Strip where everything is within reach or a quick bus ride away. What we didn’t know was that the Rodeo was in town and the big fight between Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez was happening at the MGM. That was in addition to the normal things that happen in Vegas.


It was also the perfect time to people watch. That single activity is perfect to do when you are a writer. Mannerisms along with the way people dress can be used subtly in your work. I noticed shoes a lot on this trip. Maybe it was because of the Rodeo, but I was on the lookout for cowboy boots. In my mind, it was a tell that would tell me the reason why they were in the city. In the process, I saw some of the cutest boots that I would have loved to have in my closet and lots of heels. I wondered how these women could walk up and down the strip in these heels and not have blisters later. One of my favorite pairs of boots that I saw were black and looked like lace. I think I may have to have a character wearing those boots. This is the best match that I could find. I also noticed clothing and with the weather in the 30s and 40s I wondered what people were thinking wearing shorts or dresses that were micro-minis. I was cold and I had on jeans and a jacket at all times. Plus the casinos that we went into hardly ever had the heat on.

Then it was the people watching and man was there plenty to watch. There are so many diverse people walking the Strip or in some cases living homeless on the Strip. The antics of some people are funny, but there were times that they were scary. I can’t wait to add a few of them into my writing. That also includes the way people acted while they watched shows.

We went to several shows, did a zip line down Fremont Street, saw the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, went dune buggy racing, ate lots of food, and generally walked around seeing the sights of the city. It’s a big city and then we had a car. It wasn’t fun driving in that traffic or have to watch out for jay walkers. We also were in a Crown Victoria and man was that a large car to drive. People’s reactions to the car was funny as well as annoying.

It’s time that I worked on my novel to try and get the final draft off to an editor and then the revisions will come into play. Everyone have a wonderful holiday even as we keep the tragedy in our minds.

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