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Almost There

So I am really close in getting my first piece published for the masses. It is going through a quick edit. I have read over it several times and thought that I had caught everything, but when one writes something, they can’t always see the mistakes. I try to see them and yet because I know what it should be, that’s what I see. I am grateful that it’s getting a new pair of eyes on it. Then I’ll make the recommended changes that should be made for the grammar. Not sure about what suggestions there will be otherwise, but I’ll look at them and make the changes if I think that they are the right ones to make. One never really knows.

I am preparing myself for a wonderful Honeymoon that is going to be a blast. It’s something that we have prepared for and planned. I can’t wait to break my camera in some more. (The wedding started breaking it in.)

Christmas is also right around the corner. I have a tree that has decided to grow a mind and throw itself onto the floor. I have cleaned up broken bulbs twice now. Why tree have you decided  now is the time that you want to throw a tantrum? It has been a wonderful tree up until last night. Still trying to guess as to why it is doing this. Anyway, it’s still a beautiful tree.

I had better get back to writing one of my novels. Maybe I’ll be able to get one completed for editing and then be able to actually publish a full length work. We shall see. I am hopeful in that I will be able to get a lot accomplished even while on the Honeymoon.


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2 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Congratulations, Tabitha!

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