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Thanksgiving (A few days late) and Other News

So this past week was Thanksgiving. I celebrated it with my husband and family and it was all very simple. You see the week before was our wedding and it might have been small with just family and a few very close friends that are also family, but there were plenty of things that went into making the wedding into a wedding. It was the best day of my life and because of that I slacked off on writing. What can I say? There was a lot of prep work and shopping that needed to be done and as much as my characters yelled about being left alone, I wanted my wedding to be perfect and it was. With the help of my mommy in law and father in law, everything happened like it should have.

So Thanksgiving was simple after following that occasion. And the two things I was grateful for was my new husband and my family.

Then came the night and we wanted to cook steaks that we didn’t have in the freezer. It might have been Thanksgiving but Wal-Mart wasn’t closed and we needed dish soap as well. We climbed into the car and drove over. The parking lot was packed. Black Friday was happening at 8pm and 10pm. Last time I checked that was still considered Thursday. We fought our way to get our dish soap and steaks. (Yes, the cashier gave us funny looks.) Then Target was going to open and they had cast iron skillets. (Not on sale.) Off we went to stand in a rather fast moving line to buy something not on sale. Granted it took like an hour to check out, but we had our tools to make dinner.

Black Friday or what I like to call Really People it’s STILL Thanksgiving and Therefore Thursday was a new experience. We were lucky that we weren’t pushed and shoved but maybe holding a cast iron skillet might have been a warning. LOL.

Then we went and bought our Christmas tree that we had fun decorating.

Needless to say, I have been one busy woman and haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and breath let alone write, but I have gotten some written on one of my many projects. However, this year I have failed to complete NaNoWriMo. There just wasn’t enough time in the month. A funeral, a wedding, Thanksgiving. Each of them taking time and energy. Each of them creating a new memory. But somehow in between all of these things, I was able to build my short story and poetry collection. I looked over it today and added one last poem and I think that it is ready to be submitted to Amazon for the Kindle. I even created my own cover.

The title of my work is called “Encountering the Mind.” It’s perfect because the works don’t follow any particular pattern just like the mind doesn’t follow any one idea. I will post a link when it goes live. I want to do another read through just in case I missed something.

To the next time I write and to the coming Holidays and Christmas (another big holiday where I volunteered to cook).Image


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