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Short Stories and Poems

Good Afternoon. The weather has been getting nicer in my part of the world. I love this time of year. The decline in heat. Fall in all it’s colors is just a great visual. One can actually eat a bowl of soup and enjoy the warmth that it provides.

Aside from the beautiful weather this time of year provides, I’m actually working on and almost done with a short story/ poetry collection. It’s not going to be anything huge, but it is nice to be having something published. I love writing poetry and found that I am good at it. I always thought that I was a novel writer and that was it. The short stories vary in length and will be edited and read through several times to make sure that they are up to standard. (I have high standards) This will be something new because IMO I’ve not found that perfect story length but there are tales to tell that don’t need a novel.

About my novel, I’m still in rewriting and it’s coming along. I have changed several things that make this a slower process than I expected, but I am vigilant and will finish this novel because I have so many other ideas that I really want to put down onto paper.

In other news, I am in the process of getting married, but I will continue to write as I say I do.

Have a wonderful fall, until next time.



As I write, I derive inspiration from several different sources. Music and the world around me are the biggest inspirations. When I’m writing a scene and I need a certain ambiance, then I go to music that I know and hit play. Sometimes I even end up going down the rabbit hole when it comes to YouTube just because I am able to discover new sounds and videos that fit perfectly with what I am trying to accomplish.

The world that we live in has so much that can be used. It’s said that reality is more fantastic than fiction and I agree. Those fantastic elements that are our lives are so easy to transfer into a fantasy world. The natural world that creates storms beg to be described, the people that brush by us have stories that need to be told in some fashion. Everything is inspiration and all one needs is to be able to see it and imagine it.

On a complete side note, I now own an E-Reader. I have been against them since they came out, but I have discovered that they are very useful. I have discovered authors and works of authors that I read because they works are electronic only. I am loving my little device that has everything that I need. Not only can I read, listen to music, and watch movies, but I have a notepad and various other apps. It’s a mini tablet without being one.

In regards to my novel’s rewrite, I’m just at 37K. Today I will surpass that. I am also working on several short stories and poems for a compilation that I will be putting together.

Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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