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I’m Back

I have spent the last month or so getting certain things done and taken care of. Not to mention, life decided to hold me hostage once again. I have several personal events happening in my life with the biggest being my own wedding. It’s something that I didn’t think would be hard to put together and then what do you think happened? It became harder than I imagined. Now that I have things all set up in a row, I’m waiting for the storm that mixes it all up again.

So as prepared for this joyous occasion, I have also been hard at work on my novels rewrite. I didn’t think that it would take me this long or that I would make so many changes to the point it’s like writing a whole new novel. I kept my main character because well, she’s my main character and cut away the supporting characters that held the story back and created dead air. I loved them and hope to use them in a different way, but I know that this was what I had to do in order to propel her story forward.

The cutting away but keeping the main plot line has been the hardest, but I’ve somehow managed to do it. I’m still learning this process. I don’t care how many classes you take or how many books you read, you have to do the work over and over again. I learned things from my classes and the books I’ve read, but there is something about getting your hands dirty and creating something for yourself.

I have various stories that I look back at now and I cry to think that I wrote them. Why? Because I wasn’t certain of things and I made mistakes. What I wrote at 15 is different from what I write now. Before I was scared to let anyone die. Couldn’t everyone live a happy life? They could, but it’s not realistic and I learned to kill off characters. In fact, I enjoy killing off characters now.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and revelations. Word count at almost 30K on the rewrite.


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