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I took a few days off from working on my rewrite to regain focus on what I am trying to do and accomplish. When I first started this novel, I had an idea and I worked with it, but in the end after writing over 70 thousand words, I found that I wrote a lot, but the substance that I thought I had wasn’t there. It’s one of the reasons i’m changing so many things. The idea is still there and that is super important to me, because I don’t want to lose my original idea. The reason I fell in love with the story so that I could write the story.

There are many things that I do to help me work through a block or a scene that refuses to be written. I’m a creative person and that creativity comes through several mediums. One of them is crotchet and another is beading. I love working with my hands and both of these hobbies allow me to do that without having to use a lot of brainpower. That means as my hands create something, my mind can work on a problem. I can visualize or even run through a conversation over and over until I can see it or hear it in the context that I was trying to achieve in the first place. The pool is also a great place to think. There is something to be said about swimming especially underwater.

After all of these things, including switching from the keyboard to a pen and paper, I have worked though several plot points that has been giving me a difficult time. A break along with other creative distractions have led me to working within the goals of all my major players. I really needed to get into the head of my villain (antagonist) and understanding her needs and desires, I feel that I can play her off my hero (protagonist). Throw in a little romance and lots of obstacles and I have a promising rewrite.



And of course, coffee goes hand in hand my writing. This is a really old box that I took a picture of that I thought was funny. Now it’s time for me to return to my rewrite with my cup of coffee. Have a wonderful week!!


First Drafts

Today, I realized that I finished the first draft to my first novel. In that realization, I noted a few things. One of which is that I didn’t meet my goal of 85 thousand words. I was just less that 9 thousands words short. What does that mean? Not a lot, because of what else I knew. This is a first draft. There are mistakes and plot issues. Where do I go from here? Anywhere.

I started the idea of this novel through NaNoWriMo and worked at it for a few years as I completed my secondary education. I decided that I was going to write as a full time job, with a part time paying job on the side. The day after I walked across the stage of my university, I took the story idea that I had for years and wrote. I researched here and there. Took notes. Did character sketches. I even tried outlining. That was May 5th and almost three months later I have a rough draft.

Did I ever learn a few things. One, first drafts don’t make a lot of sense. Two, I really need to learn how to outline better and use that skill. Three, write what I know. Four, who is my audience (or Four, who am I writing for) and what shelf would this book be placed on in a bookstore? Some of this I learned by talking to a wiser friend than I. One that I am grateful to have.

After thinking about my plot for a few days, I came to see mistakes that I didn’t know I had. Little things that didn’t sound right or work in the bigger picture. As a writer, just because I’m not sitting at a computer typing or have a pen in, doesn’t mean that I’m not working. I think about my characters as if they are friends. I knew as I finished writing the first draft, a few things needed to change. Some small and some not so small.

I did a plot outline and reconfigured everyone’s goals. Now, the plot is less messy in terms of too much happening in a small space. Changing the location of the story helped me see my setting better. AND most of all, knowing where I wanted my book to be placed in a bookstore, helped a lot. I now have different research and a very small condensed plot outline and a whole first draft.

So today is the beginning of Draft Two. I am learning as I go and I hope that you learn something too. I really love creating new worlds through imagination. Making something out of nothing with only language isn’t easy, but it can be a blast. I have had various assignments in writing classes. Some of the more inventive writing I’ve done was through writing prompts.

The Beginning

I have always been a very avid reader since I was a small child. My parents read to me at night before bed when I was just a small child. I guess that you could say that I fell in love with the written word before I could read or for that matter talk. Since then, I have grown up to not only reading pretty much anything that sounds appealing, but I have also fallen in love with writing.

When I was in elementary school, we wrote short stories in class. I remember having this small blank book and creating a story to go inside of it along with pictures. I look at it now and it is cute. My messy handwriting and simplistic pictures colored in crayon. It must have been about then that I decided I wanted to create my own world of stories. Throughout my schooling that’s what I did. Granted they were short, but I was able to escape as I wrote them.

Then in high school, I knew that I wanted to be a writer and wrote a story for my school’s newsletter that went out to all of the parents in a serial. It was simple and fun. Granted now that I have aged and matured, I know that it wasn’t my best work, but it was mine. My world and my story. It made my day when people asked me what I wanted to do for a living and I said, “Write books.” They would smile and wish me luck.

Now, I have a degree in Creative Writing and went through classes to help me hone my craft. My passion for the written word has only increased. I want to be able to take the reader away from the world that they are living in and into the pages of my creation. To do that, I have to work hard and know that while I may just be starting out on this part of the path, I have been making the journey.

Now, I am 75,000 words into my first draft of my first novel and I am ecstatic. Soon, I will go onto polishing this book of words into something that resembles a novel, before sending it off for the final step of representation and publication. It might take a little bit of time, but this is my passion and I will be in it through all the blood, sweat, and tears.

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